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About ATC Development

ATC History and Culture

The roots of ATC go back to the mid-seventies, when two developers, Bill Belangia and Kermit Phillips, partnered to create the first true condominium development in the Augusta, Georgia area. The skill the company developed as multifamily builders eventually evolved into our prime focus – to build, own and manage apartment communities. Unlike most management companies which let their properties degrade over time due to a short-term, month-to-month, bottom line focus, ATC looks to the long term, owning communities for decades and spending the dollars now to maintain vibrant communities for the future. The fact that ATC builds and owns and manages its own apartment portfolio, makes it unique within the apartment industry. Sustained success is no accident, but the deliberate outcome of a long-term vision.

The ATC vision is a commitment to five Core Values that shape everything we do for our employees and our customers:

Customers are valuable

We treat customers with respect. We listen to their point of view, follow-up and communicate the status of our work for them. We understand that the customer judges our work so it’s important to get it right the first time. It is imperative to never mirror back negative emotions and understand that ultimately, the customer pays our wage.

Work should enhance life

We expect all members of our team to contribute to a positive work environment. We as a company understand that our staff has lives outside of the workplace and we allow flexibility when it comes to family events and emergencies. We strive for our team to love what they do from Monday to Friday. We are enthusiastic about what we do and encourage and support one another.

Be professionals, not job holders

First and foremost, we practice integrity in everything we do. We expect our team to know the tools of the trade and be prepared with the right tools for the job. We promote education in our field and encourage our team to always seek to get better. Our team understands that you own your work, you sign your name to it and you take responsibility. It’s ok to admit your shortcomings as long as you are working hard to correct them. We also encourage and allow learning from sources outside of the company. Multifamily housing is multi-billion dollar industry and we strive to stay innovative and competitive in our field.

We must work together

Communication and working as a team is the key to success. Working with one another is not optional. We understand the importance of showing up on time for scheduled work, events and meetings; the customer and team expect it and deserve it. If we say we are going to do something, we do it. We expect our team to seek help when needed without tossing their work onto others. We make every effort to clearly communicate our expectations to our team and to our customers.

Build value

Our main goal in regards to value is to cut waste relentlessly. This means being efficient with our time, prioritizing work and having the right people for the job. We understand that sometimes you have to spend the dollar to save two later. We have our eye on long-term value growth. We also understand that happy customers build value. In order to have happy customers, we have to invest in our human capital within our company and create a good work environment. 

Our simple process to becoming an ATC resident

Process Step 1

User-Friendly from Start to Finish

The ATC application can be done entirely online. Begin by either viewing an apartment with a professional agent or taking a virtual tour of our units to find the home that fits your style. Then proceed to fill out the easy-to-follow instructions to apply.

Process Step 2

Quick Turn-Around

Approval of your completed application can take from a few hours up to one business day. You will receive an email to let you know the decision, as well as to set up your move-in day. A lease will then be generated for you, which you will read and sign online.

Process Step 3

Promise of Human Interaction

On move-in day, stop by the leasing office to pick up your keys and inspection sheet. Any problems with the apartment will be fixed by maintenance immediately. There will always be a person 24/7 to answer the phone for maintenance emergencies.

Process Step 4

Love It or Leave It – Guaranteed

If your ATC apartment home isn’t everything that you imagined it would be, we will make every reasonable effort to meet your expectations. If we are unsuccessful, notify us within 48 hours of receiving your keys and we will void your lease without penalty and refund your deposit.


What Makes ATC Development Unique?

Human Touch

Don't you get tired of calling companies and having to go through 17 automated prompts before speaking to a real person? At ATC, our friendly staff always answers the phone and is prepared to help you with whatever you need. If we are assisting someone else when you call, we will return your call quickly and give you our undivided attention. We treat our customers how we want to be treated.

Responsive Maintenance

Our maintenance department is lightning fast. Most service requests are handled within the same day that they are reported. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained and there is no service request too big or too small that we cannot handle. After hours emergencies? We will be there. We are here for you.

Real-Time Internet Presence

ATC strives to stay cutting edge on technology. Our website has up to the minute apartment availability information and pricing. You can apply online and reserve your next home with a click of a button as well as pay your rent online. We make everything easy.

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